Employee productivity directly impacts a business’s success, which is why many companies use technology to make their operations more efficient and productive. One popular trend is using two computer screens together. 

Whether your business is small or large, using two screens has proven to be a smart investment. It’s a strategy that organizations use to help employees who spend a lot of time working on computers. 

Instead of having lots of tabs and programs open on one screen, giving your employees two screens simplifies their work. The second screen avoids the need to scroll up and down or change the size of the screen to fit all the information they need. 

Switching between screens can be distracting and makes it hard to stay focused and complete tasks quickly. Recent studies show that having too many tabs open at once actually reduces efficiency because it makes it harder for your brain to concentrate. 

Every time you switch between tabs, windows, or programs, your brain must switch tasks. When you move your attention to a new screen, you lose focus, which makes you less efficient. Using two monitors can help reduce this problem. 

Research suggests that using two monitors can increase workplace productivity by up to 50%. For example, employees can use one screen for their primary software application and use the display to keep their email and other messaging / collaboration software in view.  

Onward offers many different monitor options ranging from standard Desktop LCD’s, to Widescreen Large LCD’s to Portable LCD displays that can be used with your laptop.  You owe it to yourself to improve your productivity and efficiency with a second display. Contact us today for more details