Imagine you own a small or medium sized business within today’s digital world. Cyber Security threats to your infrastructure continue to surge, causing you unprecedented levels of concern. You know you need to improve your defense, but you aren’t sure you can afford a dedicated employee to manage your IT. What do you do?

An Increase in Cyber Security Threats

As business becomes increasingly globalized and connected, cyber threats become more prevalent and complex. In the first half of 2022, Check Point Software reported that there was a 42% increase in malicious incidents.

Datto, a leading backup and network administration company, found that only 50% of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have a dedicated internal IT employee charged with overseeing cybersecurity needs. This means that most SMBs are unfortunately positioned with meager defenses and little ability to recover should a cyber incident occur.

Why do these gaps exist? Predominantly, SMBs have fewer financial resources to invest in IT. Hiring an IT and security expert is expensive, and a candidate would need to have substantial skills and experience to thrive. And even if you could afford a dedicated IT and security expert, you’d have a hard time finding one, as demand for such employees is high.

Outsourced IT Experts: The Solution for SMBs

To address this urgent requirement, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have taken action by providing IT services to SMBs on a contract basis. An MSP is an expert who provides both strategic and operational guidance in the realm of IT and cybersecurity, assuming an advisory role for their clients. By using outsourced IT, SMBs can access the expertise of an IT and security professional without incurring the fees of a full-time employee in that role.

By using an MSP, businesses can obtain a better understanding of their exposure to virtual threats and provide guidance to staff members, ensuring they’re well prepared to identify cyber threats.

An MSP sounds great! Where do I find one?

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