Digital collaboration has become crucial for the modern, global workforce. According to Gartner, in-person meetings are expected to drop from 60% to 25% of enterprise meetings by 2024 due to remote work and changing demographics. As a result, cloud-based productivity technologies and collaboration tools are becoming essential for remote and hybrid workers.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from digital collaboration by streamlining communication and using effective technology. Collaboration fosters problem-solving, ensures the best ideas come to the table, creates a deeper bond among employees, and fosters healthy competition.

One effective tool for teams to work together is a SharePoint collaboration portal. This online portal will help businesses organize projects, store data, and automate simple business processes. With a modern user interface, teams can share ideas and work together from anywhere. If you’re interested in getting a SharePoint collaboration portal for your business, contact Onward Computer Systems today.