Based on a recent study, a majority of small business owners’ (90%) express confidence in their capability to handle cybersecurity risks thanks to the partnering with a managed IT service provider. The survey further indicates that cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in motivating businesses to invest in such services, with 42% of participants favoring the outsourcing of their IT requirements.

Small businesses are frequently the primary focus of cybercriminals, highlighting the importance of safeguarding against cybersecurity threats in a cost-effective manner rather than dealing with the aftermath. Managed IT services offer a proactive approach to safeguarding businesses from potential cyber risks.

Device viruses (42%), backup and disaster recovery (38%), and phishing attacks (35%) rank among the primary concerns for small business owners. According to the study, 42% of the participants opt to invest in managed IT services, and 71% have intentions to increase their investments in 2023 compared to the previous year. These services not only tackle these concerns but also contribute to enhancing operational efficiency and unlocking growth opportunities for businesses.

In addition to cybersecurity, cloud services have surfaced as the most advantageous managed IT solution. 84% of entrepreneurs who utilize cloud services experienced heightened confidence in their company’s network security, while 86% expressed increased confidence in their data storage capabilities.

Based on a study encompassing over 500 small business proprietors, it was revealed that 74% of those using managed IT services expressed high degrees of confidence in their company’s aptitude to navigate cybersecurity challenges. But unfortunately, many small businesses do not understand the value a managed IT service provider can bring. Some entrepreneurs may believe their businesses are too small or that the investment is too costly. But with the appropriate partner, managed IT solutions have the potential to assist small businesses in uncovering pathways to enhance operational efficiency and foster growth.

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